Here we go…

I’m a math teacher.  What use do I have for a blog?

I’ll admit, I’m slow to catch on to trends.  Though I’m not one of the nay-sayers, it takes time for me to get with the program.  So here I am, 20 years into my career, it’s 2016, and I’m just starting my blog.  What the hell took me so long?  Will I be able to keep this up?

It starts with 144 AtTL skills and boxes to tick and a fear of those 144 skills.  I like numbers, but this is far too many for my little brain to handle.   Imagine 144 skills, which are necessary for students to become life-long learners.  Not something little math teacher can accomplish.

It starts with a colleague (Thanks, John Dalesio) with a way to tease out the most important of those 144 skills and distill them down to those we at our school find most important for 9th and 10th Grade math students.  Step 1: Read through the massive list, select only those which you think directly apply to math.  Come up with a more manageable list of about 25.  Step 2: Vote on top 10 choices from smaller list.  See what you and colleagues have in common.  Step 3: Put it all together in a hexagon of Key AtTL skills.  Step 4: See a way to bring blogging into the math classroom.  Eureka!  My students are going to blog about their math experiences next year.

It starts with another colleague (Thanks, Tricia Friedman) with a passion for blogging, a passion for sharing, a passion for educating us luddites out there.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you can do so here.  What a wealth of knowledge and experience!  But what I most appreciate about Tricia is the idea that we are all in this together.  That we all need each other.  That we are all both experts and amateurs at the same time.

If I plan to use blogging with my students, I had better get on it myself.  So, here goes.  My first blog post.  I’m scared.  I’m excited.  I’m grateful.



One thought on “Here we go…

  1. Yeah!!!
    We ARE all on the same team: making schools do more for all stakeholders involved. Thank you for the shout out. I’m super thrilled every time someone takes a risk like this. It reminds us to think like a learner as often as possible. I can’t wait to follow this space. Happy blogging!


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