All for one and one for all


All for one and one for all @CrossFit Zug
This. This is why I do CrossFit.

If you are a CrossFitter you get it and you know exactly what’s going on here. If you aren’t, you may not, so let me explain.

Lars, the guy in blue, is strong. He’s fast. He’s tenacious. Silvan, the one with his back to you, is also strong, fast, and tenacious. These guys love their workouts and really do enjoy being some of the top non-competing athletes we have.

Steven, that guy facing the column with his arms up in the air? He’s throwing a heavy medicine ball up to a 10 foot/3 meter high marker. This is called a Wall Ball Shot, a combination of a squat with a throw, and he’s trying to complete 200 of them. 200! He’s a relative newbie to the sport and completing a workout that would kick anyone’s ass.

So what happened here?

Maybe it’s obvious to you that Lars and Silvan had completed their workout and were encouraging Steven through to the end of a very challenging workout. It’s true, they had finished by this point. Less obvious is the ball on the floor behind Steven. Why is it there? Because Lars stopped in the middle of his own workout to help Steven. He brought the extra medicine ball as a cue for how far Steven should squat before standing and throwing. But that’s not all. I’m guessing he stopped at least five times during his own workout to make sure that Steven was okay, to give him tips, and to encourage him.

Steven finished that workout; no doubt he could have finished it on his own, because he is a fighter. What was special here is that he finished this workout knowing that there is a team of people who have his back. A team who cares not only whether they finish their own workouts, but that he also finishes his.

And this. This is why I do CrossFit.

Thank you to Flickr and Creative Commons for Harvest of Barbells by Valinhos, SP.




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