Final Project: Quadratics Unit

As I near the end of course 1, I’m considering how I can get my students to collaborate more, to draw on each others’ strengths, to mess around with technology, and to figure things out for themselves. My Grade 9 extended math class is currently learning quadratics, and this unit seemed as good as any for injecting new life and new experiences. Obviously, the kids need some content and skills. They will have to learn how to simplify square roots, solve quadratic equations, and graph quadratic functions. Much of the unit will be flipped with students watching short videos at home to … Continue reading Final Project: Quadratics Unit

Tweak your focus

A few weeks ago I wrote about the connected networks of trees in this blog-post. It was the first of many a-ha! moments in the few short weeks of my COETAIL journey. My latest a-ha! moment came while reading Collaborative Learning for the Digital Age by Cathy N. Davidson, professor of interdisciplinary studies at Duke University. In it she talks about her own reaction to the invisible gorilla experiment, in which viewers are asked to count how many times people in white shirts pass the basketball to each other. Because Dr. Davidson knew she wouldn’t be able to focus on the assigned task, she decided to just … Continue reading Tweak your focus