Calling all truth detectives

Remember this tweet? Perhaps you saw it just after the US election. Me, I bought it hook, line, and sinker, retweeted it and posted it on Facebook.   White House staffers look on as Obama welcomes Trump. Those faces. — Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran) November 10, 2016 // Within half an hour, came this response from my responsible, digitally literate friend: “This photo has been spreading as kindling to stoke the fire of hate by Trump supporters trying to show that Obama’s staff hates Trump. This is actually the day BEFORE Obama met with Trump. They are looking on as their … Continue reading Calling all truth detectives

What goes up must come down: tracking the flight of a medicine ball

A few weeks ago, for my final  project for Course 1, I wrote a unit plan for a Quadratics unit. In it I described this vertical motion project. Students were to video tape an object flying in an arc (such as a ball), use the Tracker app to record this flight path, and then use quadratic regression to model this flight path. The kids worked on this project this week. Today they are writing up their projects in their blogs–I have promised them I would complete the same assignment…so here goes: I started by recording this video that I made … Continue reading What goes up must come down: tracking the flight of a medicine ball

To cite or not to cite…

I can’t help it. Citations both bore and frustrate me. My MLA Guide was beside me for every paper in college and graduate school, i.e., I never properly memorized how to cite. I’m not stupid (well, maybe I am), but always, always struggled with the nit-picky, seemingly arbitrary rules. A quick search of #Ihatemla on twitter shows me that I am not the only frustrated researcher out there: #ihatemla Tweets. // In response to this week’s topic and my subversive nature, I decided to try out a citation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in a few of the … Continue reading To cite or not to cite…

Social media IS my filter

My bike was stolen shortly after I moved to Switzerland. I was under the false impression that Switzerland had no crime, that your things didn’t need to be locked up. Yeah, I was that dumb–my bike was outside in the bike rack without a lock. I was mad, so mad, and wanted to tell the Facebook world that my bike was stolen. I started to type “To the ****** who stole my bike: I hate you!” but stopped short of pressing post as I thought about friends of mine who would find my language offensive. Facebook was my filter that day … Continue reading Social media IS my filter

Go ahead: Create your Digital Footprint

  A friend of mine has gotten herself into a sticky situation at work. She’s not really sure how it all happened. She was voted Teacher of the Year at her school just two years ago. Now it seems her principal is trying to run her out. She’s an innovative teacher with over 15 years of experience at her school. Maybe the universe is telling her that it’s time for a change. My advice to her: start your online presence NOW, so that it is established when you go looking for a new job.       It sounds a little … Continue reading Go ahead: Create your Digital Footprint