I love my (2nd) job!

I’m a teacher. I’m a CrossFitter. I love both. Seriously. I earned my Level 1 certification, so I could bring functional fitness to my school. So I could share my love of fitness with kids.

Wall Balls

And then, that moment two years ago, when the owners of my box asked me if I had considered coaching. If I would be interested, maybe, in working for them. I think I needed all of 2 seconds to realize what they were asking before I fell against the wall in shock. You have to understand–I’m not one of the young girls in tight, ass-hugging shorts. I’m 48, far older than the majority of our members. Not as strong or as fast or as talented as I might be, were I younger or had started earlier or had more time to devote to it. Or…or…or.

It was an absolute honor to join the team at CrossFit Zug.

Today was one of those amazing days, when you just love what you do. Love the people you do it with. Love helping people to improve. Love making it fun for them. Love that they make it fun for you.

Today’s WOD: In teams of 2, each person working 30 seconds at a time. Five rounds for time of:

  • 20 Power snatches
  • 20 Burpees
  • 20 MedBall cleans

The warm-up was mine to plan, and I wanted both fun and for them to be prepped for their workout. We started with funnel tag and a game called “snatch”, explained and demonstrated in the videos below, and followed this with a series of partner squats and plank wars. Their heart rates rose, they were sweating they were accessing appropriate muscle groups, but the best thing–they were laughing, smiling, and working together.

I love the laughing, but my favorite part is helping people to focus their training and to improve their skills: the newbies who need to work on keeping the bar close to their bodies, the intermediates who need to work on explosive hips or landing on flat feet, or the more advanced who need the small tweaks like back or knee position. Knowing that I can help all of them get just a little bit better. Helping the ones who stay after class with tips on pull-ups, muscle-ups, hand-stand push-ups, or just to talk.

It is such a privilege to work with these people. I love my 2nd job!


Thank you Flickr! and Creative Commons for the cover image:

CrossFit by Wei Han Frank Lin


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