Back on Board

I was so excited for Course 5. I had the opportunity to teach a brand new class at our school. One loosely based on the Math Studies curriculum, but that allowed for more flexibility with use of blogging, reflecting, spreadsheets, collaborative and project-based assessment. My first unit all UbDesigned and planned. All set and ready for my final CoETAIL project.

And then one kid signed up. One. It was enough to make me…


…or at least give up. Give up on CoETAIL. 😦

I have to give credit to my network for picking me up

A personal invitation from Tricia to continue working on her Five-Month Blogging Portfolio Challenge, a question from Steve about his final project, a conversation with Cate about perfection somehow being the enemy of the good, a reminder from Kim that SAMR doesn’t mean all tech all the time, and this timely post today from Seth Godin:

“You’re doing it wrong”

But at least you’re doing it. Once you’re doing it, you have a chance to do it better. Waiting for perfect means not starting.

So I’m back and I’m doing this thing. My final project for Course 5 based on a Math Studies geometry unit, instead. Though I’ve taught this unit before, I am a different teacher since starting CoETAIL. I’m way more into collaboration, way more into problem-solving, way more into the real. I have to teach the prescribed content, but I can also choose the way I teach and assess. We’re halfway through this unit now, and already there’s been a nice combination of flipped lessons, hands on problem-solving in groups, lots of engagement, and fun.

Investigating the relationship between height of boxes and volume


Making nets of cones to help understand the formula for surface area


The final assessment will be done in teams, investigating a student-built, cylindrical cistern on our campus made out of PET bottles. It will be an opportunity to collaboratively show off what they’ve learned using both tech and non-tech methods. I’m excited to see what they come up with.




Just because you don’t get on the fastest train or the most direct train, doesn’t mean you won’t get there. I’m happy to say that I’ve hopped back on and am enjoying the ride.

Crisscross Tracks, Keihan Train

Thank you to creative commons for the image:

Crisscross Tracks, Keihan Train by Andy


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