Imagine a School


Imagine a school where kids burst through the doors

Ready to learn and dream and explore

Inspired to DO because they know that they CAN.


Imagine a school full of kids who know

Only the word “yes”, they’ve never heard “no”

YES you should try, YES you might fail, YES we believe in you.


Imagine a school where there’s no me vs. you

Where we success is something we achieve as a crew

It might also be cheering as that one person pulls through

Toward a goal they’d not reached before.


Someday, I want to work at this school.

Inspired by Sonya ter Borg’s Imagine a School.






3 thoughts on “Imagine a School

  1. Love the energy of the text, powerful use of words like burst and explore, really give voice to the author, lots of momentum. The sentiments about success being cheering for others resonates profoundly, as I am frequently trying to teach my son to internalise this perspective. Under what circumstance might it be okay to feel uncertain, not knowing “you can,” and then persevering anyway, embracing the possibility of failure as a reality but not impediment to trying. Perhaps that’s what’s meant anyway. Someday I, too, want to work at the school you describe, and maybe together we can. Thanks, Val, super cool, creative and poetic—yes, yes, yes!


  2. I love the power of less is more. Your words are few but inspiring and full of energy. I like the way you highlighted words that seem to have extra energy as they almost jump out at you. Through your word choice, I feel the sense of togetherness and teamwork. Your blog inspires people to truly imagine how things could be different and makes the reader (me in this case) want to experience this with you. Thank you Valerie!


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