Curiosity Inspired that Cat

How does life live? Can girls be robots? Why do worms have faces? How do you make water? Are you old, mom? What is mean and nice? Where did you find me when I was a baby? How does food turn into poop? Kids are naturally curious. They ask 1000s of questions. They both annoy and astound us with their questions. To parents, it seems like it may never stop. But then they go to school and it does. And that’s the worst. Why does that happen? I don’t know the answer, but I suspect schools are to … Continue reading Curiosity Inspired that Cat

Power to your People

People are your school. People are the system. People make things happen. — George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset Just as each leaf, each branch, each root and piece of bark contributes to the beauty of this tree, so does each member contribute to making a school what it is. Great schools not only draw out the best from their people, but celebrate their talents and encourage growth. Schools are full of teacher-experts: experts in their fields, experts in pedagogy, experts in collaboration or organization, even experts in some activity or hobby. Here are some thoughts as to how you can nurture those … Continue reading Power to your People

We need to think differently

Problem Based Learning. Project Based Learning. Challenge Based Learning. I’m having an existential crisis. Questioning everything I do. Am I and my fellow math teachers still relevant? // This week’s readings got my head spinning and sent me on a mad web-searching frenzy. Who cares about rational functions? What even are rational functions? What is the purpose of education? What are they doing in Finland? Why do we still divide schools into subjects and departments?  We need to think differently. That’s the message I take away from this week’s readings. We. Not just me. We. Here’s what I know: I talk too much. I … Continue reading We need to think differently