Power to your People

People are your school. People are the system. People make things happen. — George Couros, author of The Innovator’s Mindset Just as each leaf, each branch, each root and piece of bark contributes to the beauty of this tree, so does each member contribute to making a school what it is. Great schools not only draw out the best from their people, but celebrate their talents and encourage growth. Schools are full of teacher-experts: experts in their fields, experts in pedagogy, experts in collaboration or organization, even experts in some activity or hobby. Here are some thoughts as to how you can nurture those … Continue reading Power to your People

The Power of Numbers

Numbers when combined with images are powerful and can be used to influence change. This is no big secret, which is why so many people use infographics to spread their message. In Grade 9, we call our exponents unit “The Power of Numbers”. In addition to standard exponent laws and scientific notation, we use dimensional analysis to teach the concept of changing units. Our culminating project has kids researching the recycling problem at our school and educating the school population as to the potential problem in an attempt to increase recycling. We start the project in the school’s basement. The custodial staff … Continue reading The Power of Numbers