Many Hands Make Light Work

I travelled again to Iceland this past week with a group of 21 kids. Without a doubt it was the best trip I’ve yet had. Though I’m sure the fantastic weather and Northern Lights had a lot to do with the kids’ great attitudes, I couldn’t be prouder of their determination, focus, passion, and compassion. They smiled through all the hard work and asked for more of it as they widened and improved trails, shovelled and moved gravel and rocks, built a willow garden and turf wall, dug out ditches to improve drainage, trimmed willow bushes in campsites and turned … Continue reading Many Hands Make Light Work

Selling it Visually

I’m starting the Differential Calculus unit tomorrow in my IB Math Studies class. It’s always the last one I teach, it’s always rushed, and I’ve never been happy with my SMART Notebook slides for this unit. This week’s assignment inspired me to give my slide show a necessary facelift. Here’s the process I used. Step 1: Decide on a Message Unpack what you want your students to get out of your unit. We often teach big concepts, which students struggle to grasp, so a simple message can really help them to understand what is going on. For me, differential calculus … Continue reading Selling it Visually