BIG IMPACT. small impact. No matter–just make a difference. The world is made better one step at a time, and technology makes it easier for us to reach out. Perhaps you heard of Kevin Curwick, a Minnesota teen, who decided to fight cyber-bullying at his school using Twitter. He started @OsseoNiceThings in 2012 to spread kindness throughout his school one tweet at a time. With over 4500 followers, it’s clear that this simple action has made a big difference in his school. Talin Scherping always puts others before himself. Whether it’s out on the field or in the classroom, he’s … Continue reading Impact

Go ahead: Create your Digital Footprint

  A friend of mine has gotten herself into a sticky situation at work. She’s not really sure how it all happened. She was voted Teacher of the Year at her school just two years ago. Now it seems her principal is trying to run her out. She’s an innovative teacher with over 15 years of experience at her school. Maybe the universe is telling her that it’s time for a change. My advice to her: start your online presence NOW, so that it is established when you go looking for a new job.       It sounds a little … Continue reading Go ahead: Create your Digital Footprint

Connecting the Dots

Much has been written about networks and connectivity lately. New research indicates that trees in a forest are connected through a network of bacteria and fungal strands, and that when you dig down to this level it is difficult to tell where one organism starts and another one ends. Trees and plants actually build a network and communicate with each other, assist each other, even choose to shut out one organism from a group. Fascinating! You can read about it in this article from Wired. Scientists are discovering other vast networks in our biomes and eco-systems. We now know that individuals each have their … Continue reading Connecting the Dots